In the beginning…

Well here I am at my cute little desk w/my precious coffee getting ready to write to YOU!



This spring the desire in me to create things got stirred up again ~ it could be from all the looking at Pinterest over the winter as well as discovering so many fun DIY blogs.  Either way I’ve always loved to create things whether it’s just finding a way to make something I’ve seen somewhere on my own, to personalize a gift for someone or change the look of something by altering it a bit.  As I started to make a few things and friends & family approved of my work, I decided it would be fun to sell them too.

So here we go I created a website to keep everything organized and allow shoppers to view merchandise that’s available.  This is an exciting and NEW adventure that I’m gonna love sharing with you!!  I also want to share some of the stories behind the pieces and what’s currently an inspiration to me that may be to you as well.  There are just a few items here so far but I have many in the works.  Please check out the how to shop section to find out more about purchasing from TradeFare.  And stay tuned because there will be much more to come!

{ L I K E   U S   O N   F A C E B O O K   F O R   U P D A T E S ,   E V E N T S   &   I N F O ! }



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