Workin’ On & Workin’ With

H I   T H E R E !

H E R E ‘ S   A   L I T T L E   U P D A T E   O N   W H A T   I ‘ V E   B E E N   W O R K I N G   O N

&   W O R K I N G    W I T H .

{ W O R K I N’   B U D D I E S …A L W A Y S   A N X I O U S   T O   H E L P }

My precious little workin’ buddies ~ my nephew Evan & niece Kate.  They cannot jump in and help fast enough when Auntie’s got a project going!!  Cutest little helpers I could ever have.  Ev is a great painter and “pounder” on anything that needs pounding 😉 Kate is great at… well anything we let her do as well as singing little tunes while she works!  They are a sweet inspiration to me ~ the Daddy’s Girl sign was inspired by Miss Kate & her love for her Dad my brother-in-law Mike Stanton.

My sister Renae sent this pic of Evan …already outside heading to the car desperately pleading to go work with Auntie 😀 Who could resist that face??!!


{ F A V O R I T E   S U P P L I E S   &   M A T E R I A L S }

I love finding vintage & unique frames to create with.  Many of the Jewelry Organizers on the site are made from vintage frames.  It’s so exciting to find a unique piece and then continue to make it even more unique.  I really like to add in vintage because it gives things a little bit of classic character.  Burlap has really become one of my favorite things to work with… so glad it’s in right now!  It’s very forgiving to work with ~ you don’t have to be perfect when painting on it and frayed edges look great.  I’m also going to try working with chicken wire ~ I like it on jewelry hangers and looks great on memo boards and even furniture like cabinets & hutches.  Chicken wire & burlap are both very inexpensive materials to work with if you’re looking to do some decorating on a budget.


{ I N S P I R A T I O N S   F O R   J E W E L R Y }

I’m really excited to finish up some of what I think are pretty cool jewelry pieces.  I was so inspired by the shoe company TOMS & would love to do something similar.  For every pair of shoes TOMS sells they donate a pair to a child who needs shoes.  So if you buy a pair you are automatically giving to a person in need.  I got an idea to make some fun jewelry that has a strong message with it ~ a message of truth, God’s word & promises, and an encouraging statement to the person wearing it or whoever see’s it.  I am so thankful for the ministry of Terri Savelle Foy & a dream of mine would be to partner up with her or a similar ministry that speaks strength & truth into the hearts of young girls and women, helping them to see the life God has planned for them no matter where they’ve come from or what they’ve done.  The bracelet above gives an idea of the design style I’d like to go towards however mine would include words, but Charlotte Hosten has done an amazing job mixing the different beads & materials!!



{ S U M M E R   O F   W E D D I N G S }

With so many of my friends getting married this summer I couldn’t help but get interested in some of the great monogram items that are so popular & personalized family signs.  I made this little Established Family sign for my sweet friends Erin & Phil who got married in May…Phil even approved of it 😉 It’s so special to me to make something and have someone like it!  Whether it’s a gift or even someone I don’t know buys it for a gift ~ it is just so exciting!


{ L E A R N I N G   T O   S C R E E N   P R I N T ~ E M P H A S I S   O N   L E A R N I N G !! }

From the pic above you’d probably never want one of my tshirts!!  Well I’ve come a LONG way since that pretty little print 😉  That was when I first got the idea and tried a technique of tracing a design on sheer fabric, tracing the negative spaces in ModPodge and then using it like a screen print.  DON’T DO THAT!!!!  😀 It has its place and I can see how it could work great for a simple design but for a professional look & with detailed designs definitely do a real screen print.  After much trial and error, You Tube video’s, visits to Blick Art Supplies and lots of direction from the Lord, I finally got a good system down!  I use the Yudo screens from Michael’s Craft Store and Diazo Photo Emulsion to make my screen designs.


{ T R A D E F A R E   I N   S T O R E S !! }

My great photographer helper Rachel Krube and I had a fun time taking some pic’s to promote TradeFare being sold in a few stores!  I’m so excited about this!!  Right now items will be in two stores ~ one in St Paul & one in Minneapolis.  Details as well as items stocked in the shops will be set this week and I will post more info on the locations of the stores.  The Minneapolis location is my particular favorite right now ~ the style of the store is soooooo cute & they have items that fit right in with TradeFare’s style!


{ I   A M   S O   T H A N K F U L !! }

This has really been a fun few months creating & trying new things!  I am SOOOOO thankful for all the positive feedback from sweet special friends, family especially my Mom & Sis, and my BFF :) The encouragement I’ve gotten is so important and special to me & it really motivates & inspires all that I do!  I thank God and Jesus for leading & guiding me ~ He is so faithfull and if you seek His face He truly rewards you.



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