White Burlap Memo Board Tutorial

{ Burlap Memo Board Tutorial }

My friend Ami…actually she’s more than a friend ~ she’s my Sister’s Sister-in-law…so she’s like family.  She’s been wanting to do a memo board at her little kitchen nook desk for a few months now and we’ve talked about doing everything from a padded linen covered board with tucks in it to just plain cork board.  Ami’s home is beautiful and she has great taste…has made me fall in love with the Restoration Hardware style 😉

We wanted a classy but trendy style and finally decided on a cork board covered in white burlap with my favorite Mediterranean tile design painted on it.  A plus of using the burlap is that you are able to have a fabric covered piece yet you won’t get a bunch of holes in it from pinning things up since the burlap has such a loose weave.  We had a great time making it and if you’re thinking of making a similar piece I’m sure you’ll have fun too…it takes a little time but it is a simple project!



A fun warm drink like a Chai Latte & a furry helper like Ami’s little Tiger Lilly here 😉


Piece of Cardboard cut to the size of desired memo board.

Cork Board ~ the packages of squares work best (they’re flat so won’t curl over time)

Burlap (we chose white)

Mediterranean Tile Stencil (I found mine online and printed it out)

Glue (I like Aleenes Tacky Glue)

A tool to spread the glue

Glue Gun

Iron (to get wrinkles out of burlap)

Scissors & Craft Knife

Paint (for painting the tile design on)

Paint brush



1.  Cut a piece of cardboard to the size you’d like your memo board to be.

2.  Spread glue evenly across the entire surface of it.

3.  Lay cork tiles over the cardboard covering it completely.

4.  Let the glued on cork dry for several hours or over night.  Put weight on top to ensure it dries flat ~ I used some extra boards from a shelf.

5.  When dry remove weights and cut off any cork that goes past the edge of cardboard.

6.  Hold cork/cardboard piece up to space intended for it and make sure it fits correctly…we ended up having to trim ours a little, whoops!  If you need to trim ~ measure out the area and carefully cut off with your craft knife.

7.  Lay burlap out and iron to remove all wrinkles…burlap can take a long time to iron completely so it helps to spray it down with water while ironing as well as having another set of hands to help :)

8.  Lay cork/cardboard (cork side down) over burlap and trim burlap edges so that there is at least an inch or two extra all the way around.

9.  Glue burlap onto the cardboard (make sure the cork is facing down ~ laying ontop of the burlap, you should be gluing on the cardboard) all the way around.  Pull as tight as possible to ensure a nice look that’s not baggy.  FINGER BURN ALERT! It helps to press the burlap into the glue as you go to make sure it stays put ~ I used an extra paint stir stick to push it down so I didn’t burn my fingers. Make sure to corners over so that no strings are sticking out in front.



With all the tangy tasty food, Christmas music, decorations & sweet company is was hard to get back to work…but we have a Memo Board to finish!!  😉  We also got creative & decided to change up our paint color ~ brown would match the room better but I only had black craft paint.  Ami found some interior brown paint left over from the room & it worked great!  We also had a good laugh over my ratty stencil…its definitely been used 😉

10 Turn cork/cardboard rightside up and lay your stencil down evenly in the corner you’d like to start.

11 Paint away! Now just paint around your stencil over and over and over and over and over 😉 until the entire surface is covered.

12 Wha~la! A Beautiful Burlap Bulletin Board!!! Now just let it dry and place in its position!  We were able to snuggly fit it into its spot without securing in any other way because it fit so perfectly.



When finished we were more than impressed with the results!!  It really came out to look like a professional piece and matched Ami’s home perfectly.  Once we got to work the project only took a few hours and we had a lot of fun :)  Here’s pic’s of the finished piece.



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