TradeFare has its 400th Sale!!

I’m so excited to announce TradeFare had it’s 400th sale over the weekend!!

(UPDATE >> Read about hitting 1000 Sales here)

Wow I still smile and shake my head thinking about getting started with

an idea for a framed bulletin board about a year ago.  Since then I’ve been able

to expand my vision for a little business making & selling things as well as

looking into doing events.  TradeFare has been such an unexpected little

blessing to me & I’m even more excited today about what is yet to come!!

B I G   S E L L E R S

Coming in at the BIG number 1 seller is The Laundry sign!  This is what I call my

“get em’ in here” item 😉 it is not only the number one sold but most viewed and

searched item in the Etsy shop.

The second highest selling piece which is also the second most viewed/searched

in the Etsy shop is the very special to me Mediterranean Tiled Framed Memo

Board. This is the piece that like I said started it all – I made one for myself first

and it was the reason I looked into selling my items!

W H A T   A   S P E C I A L   M I L E S T O N E ! !

To celebrate I spent a little extra on a cute pair of shoe’s

during my family’s little Kohl’s coupon shopping spree.

Here’s my cute little Vera Wang white/gold ballet flats

R E A D  A B O U T  T R A D E F A R E  H I T T I N G  1 0 0 0  S A L E S  HERE!


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