DIY Jewelry Storage Thrift Store Finds

I love cute decor and especially the white and gold trend that’s in right now…but what makes it even better is finding a deal on it or a DIY alternative!  I wanted to share my simple idea for jewelry storage.  I found a few items at the Goodwill and all you need is a little paint.


I went to Goodwill on a sale day (Sunday through Monday they choose a tag color that is 1/2 off and then $1.49 on Tuesday) and found a wooden tray and two wooden bowls.  How awesome they were all 1/2 $1.99 so the total cost was $2.98!!  What a deal!

All you need is gold and white paint and a paint brush.  I like to use regular white craft paint as a base or primer and then I happened to have a satin interior paint around the house that I like to use for projects or frames I paint for TradeFare orders – it has such a nice finish but really any white paint will do.  I also used a Folkart metallic paint called “pure gold.”

First paint everything with the white craft paint…don’t worry I didn’t paint on my table!  I always lay my projects on poster board while working so that it protects the surface and you can easily pick it up and move to another spot to dry if you need to.  After this first coat dries start with either the inside or the outside of the item and apply a few coats of paint – letting it dry in between each coat.  I did about 3 coats of the gold and 2 coats of the white…btw paint slowly around the edges and you’ll get a pretty clean line.


I think they turned out great!  And what a deal.  Originally I was going to rough them up with sandpaper but loved the clean finish look of them like this so we’ll see maybe I’ll change them up later.


I love it with my Greek Key Pattern Jewelry Hanger!


F O L L O W   P A M E L A   &   T R A D E F A R E


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