DIY Glitter Iphone Case

I had a great Thanksgiving and after some fun Black Friday shopping while hanging with family I decided I needed a new phone case…like right now!  😉  I have a clear case for my phone and had just bought the prettiest glitter paper for another project so there ya go – all I needed to make a CUTE glitter case!


/ / /  WHAT YOU’LL NEED  / / /

Clear phone case (I bought mine on ebay for $1.49!  Many phone case shops do carry them.)

Glitter paper (Or any paper!  This is a cool idea to personalize your phone any way you want.)


Exacto Knife & Cutting Pad

Circle Shaped Item for Stencil  (I used a cap off some body spray.)

Piece of Tissue Paper (Tissue is easy to see through when making stencil of your phone.)



Start by placing the tissue over your phone and tracing it to use a stencil on the glitter paper.


Now use your tissue stencil to trace on the back side of your glitter paper.

Make sure you flip it over so the image is reversed…I made one that ended up having the camera hole on the wrong side.

Trace onto the glitter paper and use your circle object to trace a nice circle around the apple icon.  I used a ruler to make straighter lines around the camera circles.

To transfer the circle and camera cutout’s onto the glitter paper just press down hard while tracing over them – it will leave an imprint on the glitter paper that you’ll be able to see when cutting out.

When it’s all traced out use your scissors to cut it out and the exacto knife to cut out the apple circle and camera holes.

/ / /

If you’d like or have a different type phone you can leave the apple icon covered up and just cut straight across the top exposing the camera instead of doing a little cutout for it.

Be prepared to do some fitting and more cutting 😉 Like I mentioned above, I made the camera hole on the wrong side so had to start all over.  Thank God I had a big piece of the glitter paper 😉  The glitter is very forgiving of imperfect cuts and lines…good paper to use for this project!

/ / /

Good luck & I hope yours turns out great!!



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