Moroccan Tile Closet Accent Wall Tutorial Using Silhouette Cameo

My sister Renae Stanton and her husband Mike are in the middle of a MAJOR home renovation…and I mean major!  The entire house has been torn up for several months as they work away at transforming it into their dream home which is exciting but not the most fun to live in and look at during the process 😉 She knew she wanted to eventually do a bold accent wall in their front closet so as soon as that baby had sheetrock in it we got busy!

The funniest thing –  for awhile after that every time she’d send me a pic of something she wanted to show me it was taken from the closet 😀 It was the one nice new space in the house for awhile.

You can take a look at their journey here / Our New House blog / it truly is amazing the amount of work they’ve done!!  …And make sure you checkout the post where as I say they dug tunnels to China 😉 / Indoor Sandbox /

We did this project on New Year’s day which wasn’t long after I received my new favorite crafting tool – the Silhouette Cameo for Christmas!!  This was one of my first big projects using it and it worked great.  You can do this without it but it definitely helped us!

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W H A T   Y O U ‘ L L   N E E D

Silhouette Cameo (optional) more info / here /

Contact Paper (same thing used for lining drawers & cabinets!)

Small Paint Brush


Paint (we used black)

Pencil (for making pattern guidelines on wall)

Shape to Make into Stencil

S T E P   B Y   S T E P

1  The first thing is to bring up the pattern or shape you want to do in the Silhouette program.  My sister wanted Moroccan tile so I went to one of my go-to fave bloggers site & downloaded her template found here at / Jones Design Company /

You can also search through the 1000’s of designs available by Silhouette or upload your own.  Once uploaded into the grid click and drag it to the desired size – we choose to make ours about 4 inches across.  Then I simply cut a whole bunch of the shape out on contact paper!  This allowed it to be secured to the wall for painting.

I set my Silhouette at Media (4) Speed (8) Thickness (3…4 if it’s not cutting through) Blade (2)

2  Next start sticking your shapes up on the wall!  We only wanted our accent black color paint in-between the shapes so we had to individually place them.  If you wanted more of the accent color showing you could instead make a large template to stick on the wall instead of the individual pieces.

So this is where our secret weapon came in – his name is Mike 😉 …I know it’s pretty early for needing a secret weapon but Mike was the master in perfectly lining up our shapes so we let him do his magic!  He started by using the pencil to draw a guide line up the middle of the wall and again in the middle creating 4 sections.


3  Paint your design!  We or umm Mike I mean, stuck our shapes to a 1/4 of the wall at a time and then we painted the wall that was left exposed in-between them.  After painting a section switch the shapes to another section and paint again.  As you can see we started by rolling paint over the entire surface of shapes and soon realized it wasn’t necessary – using a brush to paint in the lines was just fine.

We were so excited even just seeing our contact paper stickers up!  The kids wanted to leave it like that.


And that’s all there is to it!  It is a simple project but because it was our first time and the fact that we were using such contrasting colors with the black and white I think we moved a little slow to prevent mistakes.  Our New Year’s day project turned into a New Year’s all day and night project!!  But it was worth it :)

…Mom are you done yet?!

We had so much fun…especially all the laughs and good snacks my sis and I had as we waited to do our quick painting part in-between all of Mike’s sticker laying time 😉


Renae painting the LAST section!

It turned out so pretty!  Half way through we decided we almost like the look of more black showing instead – the thought of a mostly black wall seemed too bold until we saw it so maybe another time on another wall.

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