Etsy Tips for Success and Shop Coaching Giveway

Early this spring my Etsy shop hit an exciting milestone – 1000 sales!! As I write this post the count is now at 1,411 sales!  I also occasionally sell on ebay and in a store in the Twin Cities but 90% of sales come through Etsy.  It’s been a very busy few months since then but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge such an exciting accomplishment. I started my shop 2 years ago with sales slowly trickling in for the first several months never expecting to be here now with so many items made, packed up and shipped out by me and my helpers :) Had so much fun reminiscing and celebrating with some gluten free cupcakes with my family and niece and nephews…my favorite little helpers :)


It’s been a long journey of tweaking and figuring things out and I wanted to share a few tips with you that have helped me and will help you and your Etsy shop if you haven’t done them yet.

If you have the Etsy App everytime you get a sale it alerts you with a “cha-ching!”  I love that sound!  To get those sales you need to get your items viewed by shoppers and there are a few simple things I realized you can do that will greatly increase your chances of that happening.

E T S Y   T I P S   F O R   S U C C E S S

# 1  Make Sure You Have Great Pictures of Your Items

This is crucial.  With so many items on Etsy, people scroll through so fast and if you have bad pics they will just keep scrolling right past your item.

How do I get great pics???

  •      USE NATURAL LIGHT – take pics near a window during daylight!  You can have lights on in the room but make sure lots of natural light is coming in.  I usually take them right next to a window.
  •      HAVE A WHITE BACKGROUND – it doesn’t always have to be white but make sure it’s a clean simple background that is not cluttered or distracting to your item.  If you don’t have a white or light colored wall you can use poster board or a board painted white.
  •      USE AN APP TO EDIT YOUR PICS – you can also use a program on your computer but so many phones have such great cameras it’s easiest to take your pics with your phone and then fix them up right away with an app.  My favorite is VSCOcam.  The features I use most on the app are the brightening and sharpening tools – those two alone make your pics look great and details pop!  I’m able to use my iPhone to go through the entire process of listing an item and I looooove that!!

# 2 Utilize Your Listing Title and Tag Words

Etsy does so much work for you behind the scenes that allows your items to get found both on their site and through Google search.

  •      MAKE YOUR TITLE THOROUGH AND SEARCHABLE – make sure when titling your item you use all the descriptive words possible that people may use to search for that kind of item.  For instance include color, pattern, different terms used for the piece, if it’s wall hanging and some materials used in it.  When I post one of my framed memo boards the title is “White Framed Memo Board / Mediterranean Tile Pattern / Cork Bulletin Board / Wall Hanging / Office / Organize”  Now if a search includes any of those words you use your item can come up!
  •      USE ALL YOUR TAG WORDS – when posting a new item on Etsy they give you the opportunity to have tag words attached to your listing that also allow the item to come up in search more often.  Utilize all 13 they give you by using the type of words suggested above as well as ones like “wedding, display, child decor” if they apply.


# 3 Do your research!

  •      BEST WAY TO DISPLAY YOUR PIECE – Search items similar to yours on Etsy to get ideas on how to do your pics and words you may have forgotten to use in your title.  This is not meant for you to compare to the point you loose your personal touch and style or to copy – it’s just to help you see what’s working for items like yours and get ideas.
  •      TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN – Utilize the Etsy blog for training!  This is an AWESOME resource for you and where I learned so much in the beginning.  They have post’s on everything you can think of and are always adding to it.

These tips may sound simple and no-brainer but they really will set you up for success as an Etsy seller!


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E T S Y   S H O P   C O A C H I N G   G I V E A W A Y!

I’m so thankful that I get to make a living by having my own little shop and really love doing it.  I love to talk to others who do the same or want to do the same so to celebrate I’d love to give someone an opportunity to sit down with me and do that!  If you have an Etsy shop or would like to have one but have questions here’s your chance to have some help :)  I don’t have all the answers and by no means am a pro but I’ve learned a few things and would love to help you if I can.  This is a chance to have someone sit down and look with you at your shop or items and figure things out – what to do or change to best represent your items on Etsy!  We can also talk shipping, blogging and promotion.

H O W   T O   E N T E R

If this is something you’d like to do please email me at:  and tell me a little about you and your shop!

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To meet in person you must live in the Twin Cities area.  We’ll meet for coffee, tea or a smoothie :)

Winner will be notified by email on or before Friday August 15th 2014.

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