Spring Break 2015 Family RV Trip

TradeFare, Pamela Lindell


Last spring my brother-in-law was delivering a jeep to a friend in L.A. and as he and my sister planned a family trip surrounding that my Mom and I decided to join them.  The 7 of us loaded up in their RV and hit the road!  We had a great time…many interesting RV moments and made memories that will last a lifetime together :) We drove through and were able to take in the beauty of Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and Nebraska.  We celebrated my Brother-in-law and my birthdays from the road and visited the ocean, Disneyland, Vegas and the Grand Canyon which was a lifelong dream of my Mom.  Here’s a few of my favorite pics from our epic journey.

  TradeFare, Pamela Lindell, Betty Lindell, Renae Stanton

Birthday dinner in Oklahoma

We arrived at the ocean just before sunset!

TradeFare, Huntington Beach, Sunset TradeFare, Huntington Beach, Sunset, Pamela Lindell

Beach day! …I ended up burning my hand badly with HOT coffee one of the first few mornings on our trip :( Not fun for beach day but my huge bandaid stayed on pretty good. My sister and I had lots of laughs rolling around in the mini van we rented.  We went to Huntington Beach and shopped and had dinner near by.  While walking the busy sidewalks looking for a place to have dinner we saw a man walking his pet pig!

TradeFare, Ocean TradeFare, ocean, beach, Pamela Lindell ocean, huntington beach, tradefare TradeFare, Pamela Lindell, Ocean, Huntington Beach TradeFare, Pamela Lindell, ocean, huntington beach, sunny beach

The view from the RV was dramatically beautiful!!  Loved Arizona and Utah.

RV view

DISNEYLAND!!  This was such a special day seeing the kids excitement and I’ve always been a big Disney fan…I could have spent a few days there!  This is my new favorite pic of me and Kate <3

TradeFare, Disneyland, Pamela Lindell

Meeting that famous couple :) My nephew Jonah is the biggest Mickey fan I’ve ever seen!!!  I call his bedroom the Mickey Museum because of all the Mickey’s in there including his bedding and clothes.  My sister framed a pic of him and his favorite mouse that’s so dang cute.

Disneyland, TradeFare, Mickey, Minnie, Pamela Lindell

Elsa! disneyland

It was so pretty there at night.  We stayed until after dark and watched the parade.

disneyland disneyland, twinkle lights, TradeFare

Hey baby let’s go to Vegas!  We had a fun day lounging at the beach like pool at Mandalay Bay.  I found some dairy/gluten free pizza and dessert and was beyond excited to lay around and eat it in our gorgeous hotel room!  Kate and I decided to venture down and find the Eiffel tower/Paris hotel and it ended up being such a sweet little adventure for the two of us to go on together.

TradeFare, Mandalay Bay, Pamela Lindell Vegas, TradeFare, Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Grand Canyon.  This was so special – first time for all of us and a huge dream of my Moms.  I definitely want to go back for several days!  One word to describe it BREATHTAKING!

TradeFare, Grand Canyon TradeFare, Pamela Lindell, Renae Stanton, Mike Stanton, Grand Canyon, Family pic TradeFare, Grand Canyon TradeFare, Pamela Lindell TradeFare, Pamela Lindell

Up close and personal with our new friend 😉

Grand Canyon, TradeFare 

Exploring Utah on the way home.  This was also one of the most beautiful places to all of us that we passed through.

TradeFare, Utah, Pamela Lindell Utah, Pamela Lindell, TradeFare TradeFare, Utah TradeFare, Utah, Pamela Lindell

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