H I !    I ‘ M   P A M E L A ,   T H E   O W N E R   &  C R E A T O R   O F   T R A D E F A R E

It all started with a DIY bulletin board project that I made for myself and decided to sell online.

Things went better then I expected so I started a little business doing what I love and it has been such a fun blessing!!!


I live just outside of St Paul Minnesota and besides TradeFare I own a little cleaning business, work with a young autistic guy, am the worlds greatest Auntie.  Ministry, DIY, fashion, good music, staying up late talking about good stuff, movies, my Samoyed pooch, dreaming & hanging with my sweet friends & family are a few of my favorite things.

♥   Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to connect with you!   ♥


A B O U T   T R A D E F A R E

This is my collection of handmade or up-cycled items!  Trendy yet classy pieces that have a new twist on their old state or come from a new inspiration of mine.  Although each piece may be traded up from something else I bring a new functionality and quality to it that allows it to be a staple piece in your room for years to come!  Please contact me with any questions – I do lot’s of custom orders!  And I love pics and feedback of items in there new home if you’d like to share.  I hope you find something great for you or that perfect gift!!

Avoir un jour beni! { Have a Blessed Day! }